Yarn Bases

If you are new to yarn, here’s a great place to get some info on the differing yarn weights. 

Hand-dyed yarn needs to be wound into a ball or cake before it can be worked. There are lots of great online tutorials about this and if you are planning on Getting Really Into Yarn, a swift and ball winder are a good one-time investment.

Also, let’s all just have a good giggle about the fact that my most frequently used yarn weight is called “fingering.” I’ll wait.

Yarns in bold are the Republica Unicornia stalwarts and are always around! 


Mohair Silk

 72% Kid Mohair/28% Mulberry Silk

 459 yards/ 50 grams/single ply

It has a lovely halo and is a treat to work when held double with a fingering weight yarn (IT'S SO FLUFFY!)


Suri Silk Floof

 74% Baby Suri Alpaca/26% Mulberry Silk

328 yards/ 50 grams/single ply

Suri has less stitch definition than mohair and looks like a wet Muppet in the skein BUT it is lovely and soft and provides a wonderful texture. It's a little beefier weight-wise than the mohair silk, and is also great for those of y'all who are allergic to mohair! 


Yak Floof 

41% Baby Alpaca/13% Merino wool/10% Yak/35% Silk/1% Vibes❊ 

437 yards/50 grams


Alpaca Silk Cashmere Floof

53% Baby Alpaca/34% Silk/13% Cashmere

438 yards/50 grams

The fanciest floof in the Republica Unicornia lineup!



Bluefaced Leicester Wool Bases

Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) is a British sheep breed that produces the most glorious wool: it's soft but a little sheepier than merino, which means it is less prone to pilling. It has a beautiful luster, takes dye wonderfully, and has good stitch definition. (I love it so much.)


BFL Sock

75% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester Wool/ 25% Nylon

464 yards/100g/4-ply



Pure BFL

100% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester Wool

438 yards/100 grams/4-ply


BFL Silk Cashmere

70% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester Wool/20% Silk/10% Cashmere

438 yards/100 grams/3-Ply


Targhee Sock

Targhee is a US sheep breed that produces the most glorious, springy, sturdy-yet-soft wool. The Targhee Sock base is more of a heavy fingering (giggles)-to-sport weight and is excellent for socks, accessories, and garments. 

90% Superwash US Targhee Wool/10% Nylon

465 yards/115 grams/3-ply 


Highland 4-Ply

Highland 4-Ply is a properly sheepy non superwash fingering base. It doesn't take dye as intensely as a superwash base, so colors aren't quite as saturated and speckles aren't crisp as on some of the other bases, but it's a lovely workhorse of a yarn and shines in garments and colorwork. 

100% Peruvian Highland Wool

459 yards/100 g/4-Ply


Merino Wool Bases


This next-to-skin soft nonsuperwash wool is entirely grown, processed, and spun in the United States and Responsible Wool Standard Certified, and while we can't be ENTIRELY sure, we think the sheep's name is probably Colin. (PSST! Sheep have to be sheared and it isn't harmful to them!)  Domestic Merino 3-Ply

Domestic Merino 3-Ply

450 yards/100 g/3-ply 


 Domestic Merino DK

 240 yards/100 g/3-ply


 Sparkle Sock

75% Superwash Merino Wool/20% Nylon/5% Gold Stellina

400 yards/100 g /2-ply


Silver Sparkle Sock

75% Superwash Merino Wool/20% Nylon/5% Silver Stellina

400 yards/100 g /2-ply


Bronze Sparkle Sock

70% Superwash Merino Wool/20% Nylon/10% Silver Stellina

438 yards/100 g /2-ply





100% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester Wool

246 yards/100 grams/4-ply





Rambouillet Worsted

100% U.S. Grown and Processed Superwash Rambouillet Wool

196 yards/115 grams/5-Ply