Republica Unicornia believes that while the steps tiny businesses are able to take to be sustainable will not solve climate change (that’s on y’all, big corporations and politicians who are doing nothing), doing something on this front is always better than doing nothing. We’re not perfect. We don’t claim to be.


Here is a list of our “something.”  


Republica Unicornia runs on solar power.


We stock a variety of US-grown and milled yarn bases (Rambouillet Worsted, Targhee Sock, and Merino Sock), which both supports the domestic wool industry and cuts down on the carbon footprint from shipping.


Items are mailed in plastic mailers that are home compostable, and are wrapped in a single page of recycled kraft tissue paper (unbleached and undyed). We’ve done a lot of research and this is the best way to minimize packaging AND get things to you safely. 


Project bags are designed to minimize fabric waste.


Everything is made to last, be loved, and be used.


We’re on the side of slower fashion here: the time, energy, and money we invest in our handmade things changes our relationship with them and keeps them in our wardrobes longer.