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Republica Unicornia Project Bags come in a variety of sizes to keep your projects safe and secure, and are all fully lined with a fun coordinating fabric, interfaced with puffy fusible fleece, and feature coordinating zippers and a unicorn zipper pull that does double duty as a stitch marker/progress keeper. 


Sock-Sized Project Bag Perfect for holding all of your small-to-medium size projects on the go. They are, like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside, and comfortably hold a full skein of yarn, a hat/sock/mittens project, and whatever else you need to squoosh in there. 


Sweater Weather Project Bag These wedge-shaped bags with boxed bottoms are great for your larger projects, and have a removable strap (it is not recommended that you carry the bag by the strap for extended periods of time as it may stress the seams.)


Extra Large Sweater Weather Project Bag These are the same design as the Sweater Weather Bags, just...bigger. They are great for scrappy blanket projects, bulkier garments, shoving cats into: you name it! 


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