Accessibility Statement

Yarn Husband Steven named our home "Republica Unicornia" in the wake of the 2016 election, because, "If the country is going to hell, at least our space can be a place where people can be themselves and where beauty and creativity flourish." When it came time to name my yarn business, I couldn't think of a better name. It's important to us that our home on the Internet is as welcoming and accessible as possible. 

We use the UserWay Website Accessibility Widget that is powered by a dedicated accessibility server. The software allows Republica Unicornia to improve its compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). 

The accessibility menu can be accessed by clicking on the tiny blue human on the lower left hand corner of your screen.

We regularly scan the site with UserWay's Accessibility Scanner to identify and fix every possible accessibility barrier on our site. Despite our efforts to make all pages and content on the site fully accessible, some content may not have yet been fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards. This may be a result of not having found or identified the most appropriate technological solution (LOOKING AT YOU, TEXT ON PHOTOS).

If you have feedback, want to report an accessibility issue, have any questions, or need assistance, reach out to us!