Our Story

Hey there! I'm Kathleen and I'm the Head Yarn Wench at Republica Unicornia. I made up that job title and I regret nothing.
Here at Republica Unicornia, you'll find beautiful hand-dyed yarns, thoughtfully designed project bags in fun prints, tea cozies, and a smattering of other goodies, like enamel pins and stickers. I love saturated color, rainbows, and unicorns. (I really, really, really love unicorns). 

I learned how to knit when my life was falling apart: I was in the middle of a leaving the career that I'd dedicated most of my young adulthood to pursuing and I had no idea what I was going to do. I felt burned out, washed up, and useless, but at least I could knit. This passionate hobby led me into this work and here we are. I'm glad you're here with me.
I started dyeing yarn for the simple reason that I really love knitting with hand-dyed yarn, and I learned how to sew because I just couldn't find enough project bags and tea cozies that featured unicorns/sea creatures/food. 
I was the kid who had to have the biggest box of crayons they made because I wanted to use all the colors, and I've continued that into adulthood.

"Republica Unicornia" is what my husband calls our home-- he sees our space as a magical, creative place where people can be themselves. I hope to extend that to all of y'all through the things you see here!

I have two goals with Republica Unicornia: make beautiful, useful things, and don't be a jerkwad. 
You'll find a commitment to issues of social justice and I'm proud to provide ongoing support for The Southern Poverty Law Center with a portion of sales from my These Needles Kill Fascists pins and the LA LGTB Center with a portion of sales from the Rosa de Castilla colorway. 

Everything is made with love and some swearing (some is an understatement) by me in fabulous Atlanta, Georgia. I dye yarn in my home studio while dancing around and singing (poorly) to very loud classic rock/New Wave/indie pop and sew inside while listening to history and science podcasts. 

I live in Atlanta (yes, actual Atlanta) with my wonderful spouse (aka Yarn Spouse) Steven and our two ridiculous tabby cats, Francis and Amy, and our equally ridiculous former stray tuxedo cat Pip. In my non-yarn time, I sew garments (mostly with puff sleeves) and watch a lot of British murder shows.