Let's Steek!: Reinforcing the Steek

In retrospect, I should have called this series "Let's Knit a Whole Damn Sweater And Then Do Steek Stuff!" but that's not as catchy. 

IT IS TIME. I made some VERY FANCEE (TM) iPhone videos of me walking you through crochet reinforcing a steek. Here are the highlights if you aren't up for watching me prattle and shake the table. 

1) This technique is only suitable for grippy, non superwash, rustic, sheepy ass wool, okay? Woolen spun is best, but I've made it work with worsted spun, too. 

2) Run a guide yarn up the center stitch of the steek. I like to use something superwash and high contrast. 

3) I like to use a contrast color yarn to reinforce my steek to minimize the possibility of cutting the wrong thing later on. It folds under and you can't see it when everything is done. 

4) Crochet direction matters! For the front right of the garment as it is worn, start at the bottom hem and work up to the neckline. For the front left of the garment as worn, start at the neckline and work down to the hem. This is the same directionality as you work button bands. 

5) I like to crochet the steek and then block the garment before picking up button bands. It smooths everything out before button bands happen. Also I hate doing button bands so it gives me a cooling off period. 






TA DA! Next it's in for a block and then button bands and cutting the steek. We're actually REALLY close to being done with this project and I may have already cast on another one with custom colorwork motifs. HEH. 



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