Empress Wendy Yak Floof

Empress Wendy Yak Floof

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Empress Wendy is named for my fabulous friend Wendy who came up with this gorgeous emerald colorway. It's green and teal with bits of blue and is almost as vibrant and lovely as its namesake. 

Yak Floof is 41% Baby Alpaca/13% Merino wool/10% Yak/35% Silk/1% Vibes❊  and 437 yards per 50 grams. It's a limited-time base, too! 


Everything you see here is made with love and some swearing in fabulous Atlanta, Georgia. Yarn is ethically-sourced (museling-free) and dyed with professional, colorfast, lightfast acid dyes. 

Due to the nature of hand-dyed yarn, I recommend that you alternate skeins in larger projects. There are often variations even within the same dyelot, so if you need a larger quantity than is available here (say, for a sweater), we've got the solution for that! 

Some color bleeding is normal during the first couple of washes. I wash the bejebus out of my skeins, but some colors are just bleeders. 

Your handmade items are magical delicate flowers and should be treated as such. Handwash in cool water with a delicate detergent (I recommend Sock Soap from Tuft Woolens) and lay flat to dry. Machine wash at your own risk (I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your project during machine washing. Those things are violent.) 

Yarn is dyed in a pet-free studio. 

I do my best to make sure items are true to color in the photos, but monitors/eyeballs/etc. differ. Blues and greens are especially hard to capture (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, ELECTRIC MRS. PEACOCK.) 

If you have a problem with or a question about your purchase, please contact me directly. I'm a reasonable human being. 

Thank you for supporting Republica Unicornia!