Welcome to the official site of Republica Unicornia!

Hey there. I’m Kathleen and I make things with love and some swearing in fabulous Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll find lots of rainbows here, and if I can put a unicorn on it, I will.

Republica Unicornia is the name of my hand-dyed yarn business (and this is its home on the interwebs), but you will find more than just yarn here (PLENTY OF YARN PORN AHOY, THOUGH. I PROMISE). I believe deeply in transformative power of making as a way to live more fully into our humanity. Connection and community are at the heart of what Republica Unicornia stands for, and you’re invited to join in the conversation. You can find me on Instagram as @republica_unicornia_yarns or as republica.unicornia.yarns@gmail[dot]com.

You will find some salty language here, so this is your warning. (All things in the Republica Unicornia are made with love and some swearing, y’all.)